Hello fellow Nerds and Nerdettes, and welcome to GelNerd's World!

I'm Chris Gelderd, seen here as a poor man's Marty McFly beside the legendary Christopher Lloyd. Great Scott! Sums me up really. A nerd. 


When my surname was mashed up to reflect my persona, thanks to my best friends Beth and Jo, GelNerd was established circa 2002, but was born in 1985 in rainy Manchester, England.

With a BA in Media & Film and an Odeon cinema Limitless membership, the industry has been my life. From Film & Media A-Level to the BA in University, I have tried to learn as much as I can about the industry and what brings entertainment to life. This includes script writing, marketing, editing, cinematography and acting.

My alter-ego of GelNerd became a national "Twitter Troll" in June 2017 when I made a Twitter comment to TV presenter Eamonn Holmes and he read it live on air. And he pronounced my name wrong - it's Gel as in Geldof, not gel as in gelatin! But he summed me up well; nerd by name, nerd by nature. - https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/3696137/eamonn-holmes-twitter-troll-good-morning-britain/

I love everything nerdy in the world. From films and TV, to books and pop culture of yesteryear,

I champion it all in my unique way, and I am chuffed  to now share it with  you here. I also 

contribute to entertainment groups FilmHounds, Flickering Myth, We Have A Hulk and 

Movie Corner UKBe sure to check them out.


This is a place to come together, to share passions and escape reality for a while.

As a father to a son with Autism, Speech & Language Disorder and learning delay,

I know how important that can be. Safe to say, living a life affected by a disability

has done wonders in opening my eyes to a much bigger world. My mission is to listen,

to understand and to support anyone who suffers with either physical or mental health

issues; my time is yours if you need a friend and I hope to make you smile whilst here.

GelNerd's World is one of many awesome blogs on the internet, but this is as eclectic as they come as it is driven by the passions that have, and continue to, excite and entertain me. And this is now on show for all to see.

Come join me in my world, and have fun!


And no memberships or Patreons "benefits" here - what you see is what you get and you don't need to pay for more.

Just contact me if you'd like a shout-out, a suggestion, to collaborate, or simply want a friend - I'm happy to oblige!