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News: Margaret Nolan, British TV and film star, has died

Another loss for the industry in 2020, and another for the James Bond family, comes in the news that actress, model and artist Margaret Nolan has died aged 76.

A natural beauty, Margaret Nolan found work in her late teens as a glamour model, becoming an instant hit with audiences and media outlets in London. So much so, she gradually found fame in front of the television and film camera as an up-and-coming actress, making striking appearances with her busty blonde figure in 'A Hard Day's Night' and 'Saturday Night Out'.

Her real big break came just years into her slow acting career when she was cast in the 1964 James Bond film 'Goldfinger' as Dink, the personal masseuse to Sean Connery's 007 in a luxury Miami hotel. While the role lasted just seconds and with few lines, Nolan would cement her status in the James Bond franchise by becoming a real "Golden Girl".

Nolan became the "Golden Girl" of the opening titles, having sequences from the film and cast and crew names displayed across her semi-naked golden torso, all to the rousing vocals of Dame Shirley Bassey.

Her image adorned film posters and helps launch the film with a real sexy grandeur that has become a trademark of the 007 series that Nolan helped create. Her role as the "Golden Girl" helped boost her career and she became a figure of the film franchise that has stayed with fans and critics ever since.

It was also thanks to this star turn that Nolan appeared in many interviews and photoshoots world-wide, including the successful Playboy magazine. Her acting career as a beautiful British starlet so to increased, becoming a regular in the ever popular "Carry On..." series of saucy comedy, starting with 1965s 'Carry On Cowboy'. She went on to appear in six of the films in all, and continued to act across many films and television shows in all sorts of genres such as comedy, thriller and drama.

While her acting career slowed down in the 1970s, she still worked in theatre and appeared in many more shows celebrating the popular franchises she had worked in, showing great passion and love for her co-stars and influence in popular culture over the decades.

It was also noted that from 2009 Nolan turned her hand to art, presenting her experiences from her younger days as visual mediums.

This was her way of reflecting how the industry, and many audiences, viewed a young and attractive girl as she and she lent a more darker side to her stories.

Margaret Ann Nolan


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