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News: May the 4th be with you!

It's the day that was created simply to celebrate everything and anything Star Wars - May the 4th is here, so let me be the first to say: "May the 4th be with you!"

How are you spending the day? Watching all nine Skywalker saga movies? Binge watching the animated treats on Disney+? Non-stop video gaming?

Or how about delving into the brand new 16 episode season of Star Wars: The Bad Batch on Disney+ which is a semi-sequel and spin-off from the beloved Star Wars: The Clone Wars animation.

Set after the call of Order 66 and the emergence of the Empire, this rag-tag team of dysfunctional clones must stick together in order to find their place in a changing galaxy, and identify who they are and which side of the emerging battle they sit on.

The series was created and developed by fan favourite Dave Filoni and promises to continue the mix of action, humour and drama wrapped up in exciting story developments and character discovery in the most turbulent time for the galaxy.

Currently clocking in with a 70min opening episode and a 16 part run, there is a huge potential for more to follow is this captures fans the way it's predecessor did. But with a team so passionate about Star Wars and giving us quality animation and source material understanding, it is in the right hands for a successful run.

However you choose to spend the day, make sure you spend it in the company of the greatest heroes and villainous villains to grace science-fiction and enjoy whatever aspects of the franchise you choose to! It's a day to celebrate the franchise, but also the fandom!

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