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News: 'No Time To Die' & 'Moonraker' Funko Pops

The marketing machine for the 25th James Bond adventure 'No Time To Die' continues, picking up pace for a penciled release date of November 2020 worldwide.

A range of 'No Time To Die' Funko Pops have been revealed, continuing the 007 run.

The first wave of figures from the film include:

1) Daniel Craig as James Bond

2) Rami Malek as Safin (masked)

3) Lashana Lynch as Nomi

4) Ana de Armas as Paloma

As you can see, they continue the exquisite design of the Funko Pop brand, with great detail on all the characters seen in trailers and posters.

But another bonus release in a limited run is Roger Moore's James Bond in the promotional spacesuit from 1979s 'Moonraker'.

Whilst not used in the film, the spacesuit was used in promo material for the film, and here we have it in Funko form!

Pre-order and see more over at the 007.com store

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