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News: 'No Time To Die' moved forward

With the COVID-19 pandemic in the UK now seemingly to be in slow regression since the vaccine rollout, and other countries around the world starting to fight back against the deadly virus, the movie industry in taking it's first steps in nearly 18 months to get back on track and get cinemas around the world full again.

No Time to Die was delayed from April 2021 to a new date of 8th October 2021 (following April 2nd 2020 and November 12th 2020) but now it has been changed again, but this time being pulled forward a full 8 days to arrive in the UK on September 30th 2021.

Following speculation across the media, it was finally officially confirmed by MGM and Paramount that the international rollout begins a week before it hits America.

As nothing is ever set in stone, this could change still, but with the way the vaccinations are rolling out and the fight against COVID-19 is still strong, we are looking at a far more hopeful year for everyone, including James Bond!

Fingers crossed our world can get back to some normality during 2021 and we see the return of 007 in 2021.

'No Time To Die' will be released globally from September 2021. Hopefully.

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