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News: 'No Time To Die' new trailer and poster

After being the first major 2020 release to be affected by COVID-19, MGM / Universal delayed release of James Bond's 25th adventure with just 29 days to go until the expected April 2nd launch.

It was pushed back to November 12th in the UK, and since other releases have either been moved to 2021 or gone straight to VOD, there has been speculation whether 007 will make it in November or not.

But the marketing team have stepped up to instill confidence that James Bond WILL return this year in cinemas, and confirmed it with new emoticons on Twitter, a new poster featuring Daniel Craig looking ready for business, and also a new trailer.

'No Time To Die' sees Craig return as 007 for the final time, as he is called upon by friend and CIA operative Felix Leiter (Jeffrey Wright) to help seek a kidnapped scientist.

Yet the investigation leads down a far more sinister path when Bond not only has to contend with affairs of the heart with lover Madeleine Swann (Léa Seydoux), but the emergence of the villainous Safin (Rami Malek) who becomes one of the most dangerous individuals Bond, and the world, has ever seen...

'No Time To Die' is due for release worldwide from November 2020.


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