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News: Radio Times James Bond poll 2020

Entertainment publication the Radio Times has conducted a poll - but not just any poll. A poll that rears it's head every now and then; who is the public's favourite James Bond?

Safe to say, the results were a surprise as even the most obvious names were not where expected on the list.

As of August 2020, until the next poll, the UK public's 007 ranking is as follows:

1) Sean Connery

2) Timothy Dalton

3) Pierce Brosnan

4) Daniel Craig

5) Roger Moore

6) George Lazenby

Usually a battle between classic Bond's Connery and Moore, the most recent efforts from Craig have helped him capture a whole generation of fans. But it seems the under-appreciated Dalton finally gets the praise he deserves, while Brosnan's current mainstream appeal continues to remind audiences of his crucial role in helping 007 survive the 90s.

And Lazenby, the one-hit wonder, comes in last which isn't a real surprise.

Agree? Disagree? Who is YOUR favourite James Bond?

Read more here at the Radio Times website

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