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Vault: 'Police Story' (1985) Dir. Jackie Chan

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Jackie Chan, Maggie Cheung, Brigitte Lin, Chor Yuen, Charlie Cho, Bill Tung, Lam Kwok-Hung, Fung Hark-On and Mars


The domestic action thriller helped launch Jackie Chan into stardom, showcasing his comedic direction and death-defying stunt-work...

Hong Kong Police Inspector Ka-Kui (Chan) leads an undercover sting to arrest crime lord Chu Tao (Yuen). After a destructive and dangerous operation, Ka-Kui brings Chu in and is praised as a model officer.

Tasked to protect Chu’s secretary Selina (Lin), Ka-Kui finds it hard to gain her trust in cooperating and also stopping his girlfriend May (Cheung) getting jealous. But when Chu’s trail collapses and Ka-Kui is targeted for revenge, the danger hits too close to home.

Framed for murder, Ka-Kui wins over Selina and May to help him find Chu whilst evading the law, resulting in an all or nothing confrontation to prove his innocence and stop Chu Tao and his gang for good…

One of the biggest box-office successes in Hong Kong and Jackie Chan’s career, ‘Police Story’ was a response to the laboured American production he’d experienced in films such as ‘The Big Brawl’ and ‘The Protector’. This was the crime story Chan wanted to make with his own direction, story, choreography and stunts.

What follows is a showcase of stunts and fight sequences that prove how much a talent both he and his team are.

From an opening shanty town shoot-out and car chase, to a double decker bus fight to an apartment complex confrontation to a famed shopping mall finale, the action revolves around the sets and props around the actors and feels as natural and dangerous and un-planned as it looks.

With a solid cast around him of familiar faces to lend assistance with the comedy and the action, Chan doesn’t skimp on the humour and the action throughout the classic story of cops and robbers, good guys and bad guys which set a standard in Eastern cinema, influenced stuntwork in Hollywood and put Chan firmly on the domestic superstar market.

A stand-out martial arts film for Jackie Chan and the Eastern market, showing how action and stunts can be done away from the constraints of Western production.

'Police Story' is a Golden Way Films Ltd. production

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