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Review: 'Blood, Sweat and Bond: Behind the Scenes of SPECTRE' (2015) Aut. Rankin

SPECTRE, Daniel Craig, Rankin

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Biographic photographer Rankin assembles some of the vast quantity of behind the scenes imagery taken by Jonathan Olley, Brigitte Lacombe, Mary McCartney, Anderson & Low and Graciela Iturbidehim during production of 'SPECTRE'.

The 24th James Bond adventure promised to continue Daniel Craig's run as 007 in bigger, dangerous ways, and it was captured on camera for all to see.

Rankin also has photographs he took on show here, portraits of the main cast including Daniel Craig, Christoph Waltz and Léa Seydoux with a few mini-interviews about their time on set.

It's 208 pages worth of imagery, broken down by each location the cast and crew were on such as Switzerland and Morocco. Rankin has picked some of the best imagery to highlight the fun on set, but also the danger in creating many of the explosive stunts, choreographed chases and the glamour from working in such gorgeous cities like Rome and London.

Glossy and packed with behind the scenes snaps and candid moments that are perfect for any Bond fan to see behind the curtains of any Bond film.

There's little fans of the Bond films, or films in general, won't like when it comes to capturing behind the scenes moments from film production. Many of the images haven't been published online, so this is a great collection by a man who knows what to look for in quality shots to tell a story.

A worthy continuation (in spirit) of the 'Bond On Set...' behind the scenes photo-journals, with nothing but quality on every page.

'Blood, Sweat and Bond: Behind the Scenes of SPECTRE' is a DK publication

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