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Review: 'Bond On Bond: The Ultimate Book on 50 Years of Bond Movies' (2012) Aut. Sir Roger Moore

James Bond, Roger Moore

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In a visually rich hardback presentation, this insight into the 007 franchise comes direct from the 3rd actor to don the dinner jacket; Sir Roger Moore.

Written and published in 2012 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the franchise since 1962s 'Dr.No', Sir Roger brings his tongue-in-cheek reflection and memories from not just his own 7 films from 1973-1985 but also that of the actors who came before and after him.

It's this delightful injection from Sir Roger that helps make this book something more than just an encyclopedia of the elements that made the 007 films what they are. From the cars to the villains, the Bond girls and the actors themselves, nobody and nothing escapes the wonderful and witty memories and thoughts from Sir Roger.

You can almost hear his smooth, sultry vocals as he puts pen to paper, offering little nods and winks to the moments in the series he felt worked and that didn't.

What makes this a fun read is the honest reflections that come from a James Bond actor himself, but with total respect for the series, cast and crew. Sir Roger makes it clear his unease with the level of violence in 'A View To A Kill', proving he can be critical of his own work in regards to the choices and culture surrounding it, but not without equal praise for the efforts and bravery in taking risks and presenting nothing but entertainment to audiences across 50 years.

From Connery to Craig, 'Dr.No' to 'Quantum Of Solace', the 50 year anniversary of 007 is shared in great company with Sir Roger Moore in a unique and heart-felt reflection.

'Bond On Bond' is a Michael O'Mara publication

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