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Review: 'Mortal Kombat Legends: Battle of the Realms' (2021) Dir. Ethan Spaulding

Ike Amadi, Jennifer Carpenter, Robin Atkin Downes, Grey Griffin, Joel McHale, Matthew Yang King, Matthew Mercer, Dave B. Mitchell, Jordan Rodrigues, Patrick Seitz and Fred Tatasciore


"From the start, this is clearly a Mortal Kombat product and ever faithful to the source material. The blood, gore and violence is right up there to satisfy your grizzly expectations. In just under two minutes before the opening titles, we have people decapitated, impaled and sliced to bits, bones crunched and eyeballs exploded. Warner Bros Animation once again continue to lead the way with creating fantastic animation inspired by source material, be it DC or Mortal Kombat, that doesn't shy away from what makes it a memorable franchise.

Inspired by the new next-gen video games, the action is peppered with slow-motion x-ray fatalities where you see the internal damage caused on the victims. It does nothing but satisfy those who come looking for adult violence and badass attitude. Violence, foul language, innuendo. This is NOT family friendly material thankfully and looks and sounds brilliant..."

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