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Review: 'My Word Is My Bond: The Autobiography' (2009) Aut. Sir Roger Moore

Roger Moore

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There are no actors as famous or globally known as those who have portrayed James Bond. But none are more identifiable and beloved than the late Sir Roger Moore. Sir Roger was an advocate of the series that made him a worldwide star, but he was so much more than just 007.

This autobiography looks at his life and working career from 1945 to 2009 (when the book was published) and includes all the stories he has to share. But, like the man himself, he has respect and dignity and shares his stories with just that for all involved.

There is so much more to the man we know as 007, from his early theater work, his time as a male model and his exploits in breaking both UK and US television in works such as 'Ivanhoe' and films with MGM. There is real insight into the industry in the 40s and 50s, an era forgotten by many.

We are treated to his friendships made during his career on and off screen, such as with Sir Michael Caine, James Garner and Tony Curtis. There are reflections on highs and lows, the gambles that were worth the risk and those that weren't. Yet one thing shines through this biography; the positivity, passion and warmth from Sir Roger, showing great respect to those people who deserve it and even those who didn't at the time now looking back.

There are few biographies that make you feel as involved as this; Sir Roger's personality and warmth grab you from the start as if he's simply having a conversation with you.

Of course, his time as James Bond is written about in great detail, but not as much as to alienate those who may not be hardcore fans. Again, stories from behind the scenes, relationships formed and lessons learnt are present. This is another great trait in this book, by referencing all the important moments that help make the man whilst working. He never stops learning, never stops pushing himself and never lets the industry take control of his personal life.

There is a real family man to discover, with a real zest for those close to him who make him happy. And in many ways, that comes across for his fans who he never forgets or turns his nose up at.

Sir Roger's charity work and UNICEF support doesn't go untouched either. He easily can veer away from the entertainment industry and share the real plights of those in the real world he tries to help and support. It's sobering to read.

With the stories that people may know, but many others won't, this is an absorbing read in a highly entertaining way spanning the life and career of the man himself who penned it. And thanks to being such a well-known and well-loved British star who is never out of the public eye, you can almost hear his silky tones talking to you as if sat beside sharing anecdotes from his life and chuckling away as he does.

A wonderful, warm and witty read spanning the life and career of the beloved Sir Roger Moore. As charming and entertaining as the man himself. A great read.

'My Word Is My Bond: The Autobiography' is a Michael O'Mara publication

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