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Review: 'Occupation: Rainfall' (2021) Dir. Luke Sparke

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Dan Ewing, Temuera Morrison, Daniel Gillies, Lawrence Makoare, Mark Coles Smith, Ken Jeong and Jason Isaacs


"The opening few minutes make it clear this is a very different film in tone and style to the small scale original. So much has gone into the visual effects, set design and production value that it looks a different franchise altogether. Everything is a little slicker, a little cleaner and a little more polished this time around, and we are able to really feel this is a resistance force battling alien invaders on major land and air battlegrounds, across cities, not just in small Australian forests and country towns.

The budget has gone a good way to making the sets as authentic as possible and the visual effects big enough to build far alien characters, expansive battlegrounds, spaceship battles and blazing firefights. It makes sense also, with the visual team behind Star Wars: The Last Jedi helping bring the work to life..."

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