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Review: 'Quantum of Silliness: The Peculiar World of Bond, James Bond' (2020) Aut. Robbie Sims

Robbie Sims / @thetchaikovsky

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After flooding Twitter with humorous tweets and observations surrounding the 007 saga, Robbie Sims collates all of them and more into this wonderfully quick and easy read about, well, the peculiar world of James Bond.

Easy to dip in and out of, to read a page or two with nothing heavy content-wise, this is a real show of observational comedy about 007 and nothing more. Going through from 1962 to 2020 looking at the comedy in the gadgets, cast and crew and even titles themselves thanks to Robbie's witty brain.

From alternate titles of all the Bond films ("The Importance Of Being Ernst" or "It's A Kind Of Malek" anyone?), puns that would put Sir Roger Moore to shame and fascinating non-factual facts about the films, there is no aspect of silly humour left out for such an easy and amusing read.

I guarantee that, along with constant chuckling, you'll have some real laugh-out-louds along the way too.

This is a book just for James Bond fans, and that's clear from the outset. There are so many puns here, it's like the ultimate collection of Christmas cracker 007 jokes. It's not a timeline, or a thesis on the films or their humour; it's just pun after pun and witty faux fact after faux fact to shed amusing light on the world of James Bond.

Robbie Sims has proved his unique observational and comedic wit with this wonderfully daft and humorous look at the 007 franchise, from 'Dr.No' to 'No Time To Die'.

'Quantum of Silliness: The Peculiar World of Bond, James Bond' is a publication by The History Press

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