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Review: 'Superman: Man Of Tomorrow' (2020) Dir. Chris Palmer

Darren Criss, Alexandra Daddario, Zachary Quinto, Ike Amadi, Ryan Hurst, Neil Flynn, Bellamy Young and Brett Dalton


This 2020 American animated superhero film is the 39th installment in the DC Universe Animated Original Movies series.

A modern day setting in Metropolis brings us another spin on the "early" days of Clark Kent before he became the Man Of Steel, voiced here by Darren Criss. We see new ways in which he invents himself using his powers to help save citizens of Metropolis, be it flight and strength to save a crippled rocket, or x-ray and heat vision to defend against intergalactic threats. While so many of these origin stories exist, it's never not entertaining to see new spins and characters introduced.

It also introduces J'onn J'onzz a.k.a Martian Manhunter and where he begins his journey as an intergalactic superhero, and just how he helps Superman feel he is not as alien as he feels, nor is he alone in doing what he does and why.

We are treated to the origin of super-villain Parasite in the form of janitor Rudolph "Rudy" Jones and the accident that transformed him into one of the most dangerous foes faced by Superman in his time. Parasite is also one who brings the darker aspect of these films to life, with a few semi-gruesome and violent moments and curse words, but nothing too horrific for mature fans of the material.

But never one to fight alone, anti-hero and bounty hunter Lobo also makes his presence known in a series of battles across the city, including one where we see Clark Kent fully naked from behind - super-buns and all.

As with origins, we also see a new incarnation of who gave Superman his "superman" name, and also who inspired him to wear a cool cape as a crime-fighter.

With solid voice talent from the likes of Alexandra Daddario, Zachary Qunito, Brett Dalton and Ike Amadi, this is another solid piece of WB / DC animated entertainment faithful to the source material. The animation is slick as ever, with a perfect blend of CG rendering and traditional work to bring the story, locations and characters to life.

This is as entertaining as ever, proving DC are at the top of the animated genre, evoking clear passion and talent for such loved characters.

'Superman: Man Of Tomorrow' is a Warner Bros. Animation / DC Entertainment production

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