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Review: 'The 007 Diaries: Filming Live and Let Die' (2018) Aut. Sir Roger Moore

Roger Moore, Live and Let Die

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From the beginning of filming the 7th 007 adventure 'Live And Let Die' in 1972, the newest James Bond, Roger Moore, was entrusted to keep a production diary. It was a diary of his thoughts, feelings, experiences and overall memories of his first 007 feature film.

The diary went everywhere with him, from Pinewood Studios in London, England, to on set in New Orleans in America.

What we have is a limited re-print (it ended in the late 1970s) to celebrate the debut film of Roger Moore's 12 year run and look back at his inimitable way of capturing just what it meant to be James Bond, both on screen and off.

It's not just a diary about what you see on screen, but also about the behind the scenes events that shaped the film itself.

Moore has a natural ability to write as if he's chatting with you - it's personal, heartfelt and always amusing.

While this came at the request of EON Productions and producers Albert R. Broccoli and Harry Saltzman, this isn't a warts and all scandal and revelation dairy. It's a peaceful, eye-opening and enjoyable "making of" document. Yet, Moore doesn't hold back with sharing the challenges it took to bring his Bond to screen, and also how to juggle his private life now as a major star.

There are plenty of wry musings and stories about co-stars Jayne Semour and Yaphet Kotto, and all the times things went perfectly on set and sometimes when they didn't. You'll watch the film with new angles on scenes after reading this!

It's a gentle read, broken down by dates so you can jump in and out at your leisure. As stated, this isn't a diary to tell dirty secrets or attack anyone (or anything), it's a family-friendly personal take by 007 himself about making a Bond film. Dealing with faulty props, upset stomachs, noisy crowds and irritable crew is only half the battle in trying to save the world in style!

Makes you wish Sir Roger Moore, and all the 007s for that matter, produced a diary for all their experiences for each film. As close and personal as you will get from being there with them.

'The 007 Diaries: Filming Live and Let Die' is published by The History Press

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