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Review: 'Yakuza Princess' (2021) Dir. Vicente Amorim

Masumi Itō, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Tsuyoshi Ihara, Eijiro Ozaki and Charles Paraventi


"Sao Paulo is a perfect location for this story – blending the domestic familiarity of Brazil for director Amorim, but also immersing the audience in a rich and electric Japanese community. There are some lovely shots used across the city that really come across to honour the graphic novel this came from. When hooded figures stalk damp streets, reflections lit up by the neon signs ahead and steam rising from the sewers, or clash with swords illuminated by shadows, it’s nothing but an atmospheric delight.

A sinister score by composers Lucas Marcier and Fabiano Krieger marries both traditional and modern Japanese music motifs, undercut with a synthetic level of, once again, Terminator-esque threat and menace when the danger lurks in the darkness..."

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