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Xmas: 'The Christmas Chronicles' (2018) Dir. Clay Kaytis

Kurt Russell, Darby Camp, Judah Lewis, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, Lamorne Morris, Oliver Hudson and Goldie Hawn


A Netflix original for the festive season, putting a new spin on the Father Christmas story with a new, rad, bad-ass Santa in town...

On Christmas Eve, young Kate (Camp) and older brother Teddy (Lewis) are forced to spend it alone at home as their mum Claire (Williams-Paisley) has to cover a nursing shift.

But Kate has a plan. She wants to prove that Santa Claus (Russell) is real. The pair discovers him in their house and stowaway on his sleigh, but in doing so threaten Christmas.

The reindeer are spooked, the sleigh crashes and the presents are lost. Kate and Teddy need to help Santa find his gear before Christmas is well and truly over.

I think with these run of the mill festive films, it’s only as good as your Santa. Thankfully, Kurt Russell is on top form as a cool looking Santa.

He’s a not so jolly, not so fat-man who is instead a festive badass who is nothing but kind-hearted and cool. Think of Kurt Russell in any of his films, and you have his Santa. It’s a joy to behold.

While the story has been done a million times before and feature a cast of basic nobody’s who have to save Christmas and face up their demons before waking up Christmas morning a changed person, it’s harmless festive fun with some mild amusement and creative visual sequences.

Not a fan of the elves, however. CGI Furbies who talk a blend of Bavarian and Finnish – Elvish. They have shades of Star Wars prequel creatures about them and are never amusing when on screen.

But Goldie Hawn as Mrs Claus makes everything better in the end. And a sequel is already on the cards ready for a November 2020 release to save Christmas once more.

It takes time to get going, but when it does this becomes a fun and spirited adventure for the festive season, with Russell having fun as our man Santa.

'The Christmas Chronicles' is a 1492 Pictures / Wonder Worldwide production

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